The Company


Multichemical S.A. is based in Thessaloniki and it is active in the production of detergents and chemical products for over 30 years. With a vision to offering high quality products, we aim to continuously develop our expertise, progress and modernization of our services.

Our experienced and highly professional staff combined with the selection and use of only top-quality materials ensure the high level of products and services that benefit our customers. This effort is recognized and honors us with client confidence in our detergents and chemicals all these years.

It is worth noting that our enlarged customer base includes companies and organizations from Thessaloniki and beyond, the food and beverage industries, restaurants, cleaning services, public services, hospitals, etc. Thanks to our private fleet of vehicles, service of all our customers is immediate and fast wherever you are based.

Our dedication to achieving the highest standards has made Multichemical synonymous with quality, reliability and consistency, always with respect for the environment and the consumer.